50 Year Old Man Wearing KKK Robe and Hood Strolls Through Neighborhood While Drinking a Beer and Walking His Dog

Well ain’t this about a blip! They’re just getting bolder and bolder with the hatred.  A Wisconsin man showed his true colors when he decided to not only walk his dog, but to do it while wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood. 


Charles Michael Booth, 50, was identified by police as the man spotted Friday in Conover drinking a beer and waving at cars as he donned his KKK fit.

Charles Michael Booth, 50, seen wearing KKK robe and hood while walking his dog.
Two men in KKK hoods tried to disrupt a Black Lives Matter rally on Monday in Nevada.

Naturally, the sighting sparked outrage among neighbors,  inciting multiple calls to the police department on Friday, according to Vilas County Sheriff Joseph Fath. But nothing was done, because the police said he was committing no acts of crime.  Gregory Jones, president of the Dane County NAACP, called the incident a ‘terrorist act’. “Booth intended to project what I believe to be white supremacist behaviors by wearing this garb, Jones said.

“It is intended to create fear among people-even people who are not of color. (People in Vilas) should be mindful and be willing to stand up and say this is not acceptable in our county at all”, he concluded.

The incident in Wisconsin is not the first time displays of KKK have been noted. Last week, two men wearing KKK hoods tried to disrupt a BLM protest in Nevada, but were ultimately chased off after the BLM demonstrators joined forces to demand that they leave.


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