Boston Declares Racism A Public Health Crisis

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has declared Racism to be a public health emergency in the city.

According to The Hill, Mayor Marty Walsh (D) announced the change on Friday and posted the plan on Twitter.


The new reforms also include the creation of a task force to carry out the changes and plans to look at more proposals for police reform that are part of the viral “8 Can’t Wait” campaign( a campaign started by an advocacy group that calls for restrictions against the use of deadly force).

The Eight That Can’t Wait

The advocacy group feels that there are eight rules that should never be broken, aligning with the police policies and guidelines. An officer who operates by “the book” will be exonerated of any offenses. However, if an officer violates the guidelines, he is out of bounds and is subject to termination and or/federal offense.
This new policy is projected to decrease police brutality by over 70%.
A graphic depicting eight policies to decrease police violence.
Boston’s announcement comes as police departments across the globe and lawmakers across the country are feeling major heat on their butts to address racism and to prevent police from being bullet bully’s.
Mayor Walsh declared that $12 million of the Boston Police Department’s overtime budget will be disbursed into a variety of community programs, including economic development initiatives, mental health services and housing opportunities.

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