Boston Declares Racism A Public Health Crisis

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has declared Racism to be a public health emergency in the city.

Boston is implementing changes in regard to the ubiquitous unlawful murders of Black people at the hands of police. Just last year, Boston saw hundreds of protests against police brutality. As we become desenstitized to the senseless murders, simultateously worn out from the chants and marches. Nonetheless, it seems like police continuously walk free after killing unarmed Black people.

According to The Hill, Mayor Marty Walsh (D) announced ‘racism to be a public health emergency’ on Friday; and posted the plan on Twitter.

In the wake of so many racially turpitudes it’s resulted in sullied communities, and a tarnished society overall. From George Floyd to Sandra Bland, Andre Hill, Manuel Ellis, just too many to name; at this point, cantillating has become exhausting to say the least. However, Boston has stepped up with some solutions on making things a more affable. The new ideas include implementing a task force to extinguish the needed changes. While looking at more proposals as part of the viral “8 Can’t Wait” campaign; the mayor says he is proposing $3 million from the police department’s overtime budget. The budget will be chunked into a plethora of community resources and services to include economic development; mental health and housing services.


The Eight That Can’t Wait

The ‘8 That Can’t Wait’ is a police reform organization that feels there are eight rules that should never be broken. Aligning with police policies and guidelines, the advocacy group says that any officer operating by “the book” would be exonerated of any offenses. However, if an officer violates rules, he is in direct violation and subject to termination and or/federal charges.

A graphic depicting eight policies to decrease police violence.

Boston’s announcement comes as global police departments as well as legislation are feeling major heat on their butts to address the systemic racism that runs rampant today.

Police brutality refers to any use of excessive force by a law enforcement officer. Typically, police brutality is carried out when a police officer is making an arrest; nonetheless it can occur when a police officer is responding to a situation.

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