George Floyd’s Brother Makes a Heartfelt Plea and Cry For Police Reform


George Floyd’s brother, Philonise cried out in a statement Wednesday to members of Congress that they pass police reforms and listen to the calls around to “stop the pain”.


He spoke at a political hearing during the opening hour for five minutes. He arrived at the hearing wearing a loose fitting dove gray suit and open-collar white shirt. He stated that he wouldn’t be wearing a tie since his brother “couldn’t breathe”.

Philonise Floyd

His black mask adorned a picture of his brother, George Floyd. “I didn’t want to wear a tie no more because I wanted to be able to breathe” Floyd said about his brother. He continued, “I went to memorials- no tie. I could have had one on. But right now, I want justice for my brother–my big brother”.


At the hearing Wednesday, he floated like a butterfly with the strength of angelic composure as he described how his brother called the officers “sir” repeatedly while being arrested and ultimately murdered. He asked the police and lawmakers to treat people with the same measure they would like to be treated.

“He didn’t deserve to die over $20”, Floyd said of his brother, who was initially stopped because a merchant had accused him of circulation a counterfeit 20 dollar bill. “I’m asking you: Is that what a black man is worth?”

You could almost hear a pin drop as lawmakers looked on. During a particularly devastating moment during his testimony to members of the House Judiciary Committee, Floyd sobbed as he discussed how tragic it was that his brother’s death would be available for children to watch forever.

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