Parts of Minneapolis Burnt To A Crisp in The Wake of Heated Protests for George Floyd

Thursday brought on more protesting in Minneapolis after George Floyd was murdered senselessly by white cops on Monday. Demonstrators also marched in Los Angeles, CA and Memphis, TN, as communities ring the alarm against racial violence. On Thursday, one of Floyd’s brothers, Philoniese Floyd, weeped as he told people that his family requests peaceful demonstrations.


In Los Angeles, hundreds of people marched to protest Floyd’s untimely and senseless death, all while attacking a California Highway Patrol car.


“I want everybody to be peaceful right now, but people are torn and hurt,” he said on CNN’s “New Day”. He continues, “These officers (the four who murdered his brother, George Floyd) need to be arrested right now…and held accountable about everything because these people want justice right now”, he said.

The demonstrations on day two in Minneapolis turned into riots and looting over a few blocks south of downtown, with people smashing their way into stores and setting businesses and other buildings ablaze.

A man was fatally shot, demonstrators threw water bottles and firecrackers at officers and a police precinct building, breaking all the windows. Fires eventually broke out within the establishments in the area, including an Auto Zone. Flames lit up a building under construction, one floor ultimately collapsing.

At a nearby Target surveillance shows people taking cartloads of items and loading them into their cars.

People also raided a Cub Foods grocery store. Thursday morning, the store’s exterior glass lay shattered, and the ground inside was littered with groceries, as an interior fire extinguisher sprayed water.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz tweeted that the Wednesday night protest “evolved into an extremely dangerous situation” and asked protesters to leave and allow firefighters and paramedics to get to the scene.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said in a statement, “Peaceful demonstrations are a hallmark of our country. Violence is unwarranted and takes away from the message. I urge all of us to protest peacefully for the sake of everyone’s public safety”, he said.

But guess what? That embicile who had a badge and murdered Floyd wasn’t PEACEFUL. I could go on and on….there are numerous Black kings and queens who were murdered recklessly and without remorse while unarmed. Why do Black humans need to be so peaceful NOW? We’ve tried that route…over and over again. When do our efforts solidify our labor? When do we obtain justice for ALL?

Protester at Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct for the death of George Floyd


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