Another Black Man Dead At The Hands Of A White Murderer With A Badge **graphic video**

George Floyd was murdered by a white cop in Minneapolis after repeating he couldn’t breathe.

Yesterday, on Memorial Day, three cops stood by and watch their colleague kill a Black man. George Floyd, 40, was killed in broad daylight  with no remorse. His “crime” was using a forged check to attempt to purchase groceries, while possibly being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A gruesome video shows Derek Chauvin, a white policeman pressing his knees into Floyd’s neck. He did this literally for ten minutes, even after Floyd became visibly unconscious. All of this was caught on camera.
Chauvin was terminated today from the police force.
In the video it shows Chauvins partner,Tou Thao just standing by watching.

We will keep you posted on this developing story. 

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