Skhylur Davis, 11, Assaulted By White Woman,38 While Collecting Her Grandma’s Mail

11 year old Skhylur Davis and family attorney, Justin Bamberg

Skhylur Davis, a black girl was going to retrieve her grandmother’s mail (Alice Patterson) on May 11;  per usual, when 38 year old Elizabeth Shirey; a white woman, assumed Davis was doing something illegal.


A Woman Is Charged With Assaulting A Child

A white woman in South Carolina  has been charged with third-degree assault and battery of an 11-year old Black girl who she wrongly accused of stealing mail.  Once she realized it was not her mail, she apologized and offered her cookies.


It’s diabolical that we are still to this very day battling for equality and justice as Black people. The audacity to now put your crooked hands on an innocent child is beyond heinous. This crime should be handled appropriately and justifiably. This woman (term loosely used) needs to be in JAIL.

BUT!  She’s not. Continue reading to find out why.


“For it isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it.  And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

Alice Patterson lives in the middle class area of Aiken (pictured above) for almost a year now.

Skhylur Davis Was Attacked By Grown Woman

Shirey approached a group, which included three other juveniles; grabbed Davis and attempted to pull the mail out of her hands.

Pictured are the multiple mailboxes in the Aiken area at the May 11 assault.

Police responded to the incident; and issued a citation to the woman. She was not taken into custody; due to the coronavirus outbreak. Yes. I said coronavirus outbreak. The woman was NOT taken into custody due to coronavirus outbreak. Go ahead and let that sink in. If you can…smh

The white woman, Shirey, who assaulted the 11 year old Black girl, Davis received a citation and was exonerated from arrest due to coronavirus outbreak

In a news conference with WRDW; Davis said at that point Shirey’s husband approached them and said: “If you were a different type of guy; then this would have been another story.”

Davis said in the news conference that he didn’t use any other word; but that ‘you don’t have to think about what type he meant’.

“We’re hurt, we’re upset, and we’re angry. She’s angry and hurt. She was violated,” Patterson said. “Growing up in the south, we had to endure this; our parents had to endure this. It’s 2020. We will not have our children go through what we had to go through”.

Alice Patterson (the grandmother of Skylur Davis) and their attorney, Justin Bumberg.

The Family Attorney Responds

Their attorney, Justin Bamberg; said the family isn’t interested in a civil lawsuit but wants the criminal justice system to deal with the case in hopes of equality and justice for Black people. He continues, “it’s important to raise awareness of the incident because of the many cases of unprovoked violence against African Americans and because of Davis’ young age.

“Now, where are we at a society–forget race, forget ethnicity, forget gender, forget sexual preference–where are we at as a society when an 11-year old child has to be cognizant of that when she’s interacting with a grown woman?” Bamberg said.

Bamberg disclosed in a letter to the Augusta Chronicle that Davis is “saddened by the fact people make assumptions about black people just because of the color of their skin and feels Arbery would have been treated different if he were white.” Bamberg also told the newspaper, “We want the criminal justice system in Aiken County to make an example out of Mrs. Shirley to deter other people from doing the same thing again”.

“I wasn’t scared because in this type of situation, you need to do anything but be scared”, Davis said. “It shouldn’t be like this and it’s wrong”.

What a brilliant, smart brave little girl.


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