Shanta Singleton And Her Two Daughters Were Murdered By Her On Again Off Again Boyfriend

Facebook/Shanta Singleton & Gabriel Jordan
  • Shanta Singleton was choked to death by her ex boyfriend, Gabriel Jordan; after she told him she didn’t want to be with him anymore.
  • She tried telling Jordan outside of her South Carolina home that she had a new boyfriend.
  • Jordon shot her and one of her daughter’s ran out to help.
  • Tre’vay Stroman, 12 jumped on Jordans back just before he shot and killed her for trying to help save her mom’s life. Then he shot 18 year old Shantasia Stroman in the arm but she is recovering.
  • As Shantasia ran to a neighbor’s house for help, she saw Jordan chase her 15 year old sister, Essence into the house and she was later found dead.
  • An armed neighbor approached Jordan telling him to leave but soon after heard gunshots and sirens.
  • Jordans body was found outside on the ground with a pistol near his legs.

According to Calhoun County Sheriff Thomas Summers, while Singleton enjoyed a Myrtle Beach trip with another man, the kids noticed Jordan following them home. Once home, the argument ensued. Jordan told the kids to go in the house, just before the attack occurred.

Facebook/Shanta Singleton and her daughters

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