Who is Breonna Taylor

A 26 year old, award winning Louisville Kentucky EMT and aspiring nurse, that’s who she is. On March 13, just before 1 am she was murdered in her home by police officers while asleep with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker; she was shot to death by the officers searching for a suspected drug dealer using her apartment to smuggle drugs/drug money.

Breonna Taylor (left) is seen with her mother Tamika Palmer (middle) and sister (right). Taylor, 26 was murdered by three police officers searching for someone else.

Three officers (John Mattingly, Bret Hankinson, Myles Cosgrove) showed up without body cams  in plain clothes, forced entry and fired shots from several locations into Breonna’s apartment; shooting her eight times. 

Both Breonna and Walker were obviously startled in their sleep. Walker called 911 and Taylor’s mother. In the midst of the raid, shots were fired, and Walker being a licensed gun owner,  fired back, shot and wounded one of the officers in the leg. 


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There were two warrants, one for her apartment with her, and two other individuals’ names on it and the other was for a home ten miles away in regard to the narcotics  investigation of  Taylor’s ex-boyfriend (Jamarcus Glover). Her connection to this individual caused the ‘No Knock’ warrant, issued by the judge. According to The Courier-Journal, it’s recorded that the investigation was more centered around the house down the street from Taylor. The warrant also stated that a car registered to Taylor had been seen parked on several occasions in front of a “drug house” known to Glover. 

Taylor was accused of accepting packages (narcotics, money earned for drug sales) for  Glover. However, according to WDRB.com, USPS inspector in Louisville claimed that the police department did not confirm that suspect packages were being received at Taylor’s home; which was a prerequisite for the ‘No Knock’ warrant. 

According to reports, Tony Gooden claimed that he verified with a different law enforcement agency, after conclusion of requested investigation, that there  was no connection to Taylor and any suspicious packages. “There was no packages of interest going there”, he said in an interview after WDRB News contacted him Friday.On Thursday, the city’s mayor and police chief (finally) asked the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI to review the police department’s internal investigation into the death of yet another innocent Black human. breonna taylor search warrant A portion of the search warrant used as justification to raid former EMT Breonna Taylor’s home.Now a law suit is being filed by Taylor’s family. , according to CBS News. The lawsuit accuses the officers of “blindly firing” more than 20 shots into the apartment. Walker, 27, was arrested and charged with assault and attempted murder on a police officer. Neither Taylor nor Walker had any previous drug or criminal history. The lawsuit also records that there were no drugs found in the home during the raid. The three officers involved have been reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation. Screenshot_20200515-152016 The aunt of Breonna Taylor speaking out against her wrongful death. Other family members are backing her, all reppin tee shirts and pictures of Breonna. This has sparked outrage and Breonna’s family is fighing back and wants answers now.At a March 13 news conference, police Lt. Ted Eidem said officers had knocked on the door several times and “announced their presence as police who were there with a search warrant, and were immediately met with gunfire upon forcing entry. However, at midnight, in the middle of your sleep, it’s likely you may not hear the ‘announcement’. You may just hear commotion and ‘raid’. Unfortunately, this is just all too common now a days. Police can just walk up in a Black persons home and shoot them dead. Not only can they do it, but they get away with it. Time and time again. This, yet again is Black genocide at it’s core. Screenshot_20200515-145608 Breonna Taylor, award winning EMT was shot eight times by three police while she was sleeping in her bed in the middle of the night.In 2015, police killed at least 104 unarmed Black people. Unarmed Black people were killed at 5x the rate of unarmed whites during that same year. Just last year, that number doubled, killing 263 Black people.  It’s only getting worse. You can click here to view Breonna’s obituary, Tribute wall or leave a word of encouragement for the family. This tradgedy has sparked yet another outrage of anger and frustration. #blacklivesmatter

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