East Africa Offers Covid Shaped Braids as a Hairstyle

As a way to show awareness to nasty coronavirus, a braided hairstyle has taken the stage in East Africa, one with braided spikes that resemble the virus’s distinctive shape.

The hairstyle is vastly trending largely due to economic hardships linked to the blarney of the deadly coronavirus. The world has pretty much been on a house arrest, some areas mandated, some not so much. But nonetheless, it’s a global pandemic, with over 293 thousand deaths reported.”Some grownups don’t believe that the coronavirus is real, but most young children are keen to sanitize their hands and wear masks. Many adults do not do this, and that is why we came up with the corona hairstyle,” says Sharon Refa, a 24 year old beautician in East Africa.

The braids use threading made of yarn , costing about 50 Kenyan shillings (Rs 35.49), as opposed to an average hairdo which costs up to 300-500 shillings (Rs 212.95-354.91).  The Netizens gave mixed reviews, according to The Indian Express.  Some  felt that that hairstyle was infringing upon their heritage, an African hairstyle called “irun kiko” or “isi owu” and it had nothing to do with the awful coronavirus. The style is said to have been in practice to boost hair growth.

However, the African beauticians’s intention is said to bring awareness of the virus to the public eye.

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