Beyonce Gets Emotional About The Huge Turnout for Free Covid Testing


This past Mother’s Day weekend made Beyonce a little teary-eyed. And not just because she’s a mom, but mainly because she teamed up with her mom and made magic in their hometown. Covid has brought on extra necessties we never knew we would need. Bey and Tina Lawson bridge the gap by giving not only their money but their time for a worthy cause. And we all know it feels good to give back. Through their nonprofit foundation, they provided 1,000 Covid-19 test kits, protective gear, hot meal vouchers and grocery gift card to health care employees staffed in Houston.

Together, they’ve created the initiative #IDIDMYPART. Offering The foundation offers Covid-19 related items for healthcare workers in their hometown of Houston,Texas. Extremely excited, Bey posted a picture of one of the sites on her Instagram, thanking them for getting tested.

“Seeing my hometown do their part and get tested today brought me so much joy. H-Town, I love yall,” Beyonce wrote next. See below a picture taken at one of the local middle schools showing a line of cars with people waiting to be tested.             


In a prepared statement, Congresswoman Shelia Jackson-Lee stated, “Texas has a very low COVID-19 test rate, second lowest in the nation. This is why the commitment by Ms. Tina Knowles Lawson and BeyGOOD is so significant in helping Houstonians get out and get tested”.


Beyonce And Her Husband Give Back On A Daily

But it’s really not surprising. Thus, the Carters always have their wallets open to help fight various causes. Moreover, Queen Bey already donated $6M to help fight the spread of the virus. Plus, she’s given funding to charities to provide food, water, cleaning supplies, medicines, face masks, and personal hygiene items. With so many homicides and suicides lately, The Halo hitmaker is shedding light on mental health as a result of quarantining. Which is so important.

Tina Knowles said she challenged several celebrities who plan to continue the #IDIDMYPART  movement: Tyler Perry in Atlanta, Magic Johnson in Detroit, and Octavia Spencer in Mississippi.

“The virus is wreaking havoc on the Black community so we need a movement to prioritize our health,” Knowles Lawson says, citing a recent report from the CDC that as of April 23, 33.7% of COVID patients were African American, even though African Americans comprise 13% of US population. And as per the CDC, as of mid-April, roughly 33% of all fatalities are African American,” Knowles Lawson said in the statement.

“We are all in this together. But we have to look at what is happening in our Black and Brown communities and how they are being decimated by COVID-19,” She continues. “It is critical that we stay vigilant with social distancing, wearing a mask, and most of all getting tested. If you don’t get tested then you don’t know if you are a carrier of the virus. Being asymptomatic is how you infect your entire household and those around you, the very people you love. We have got to go to these free testing facilities and find out our status.”

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