Erykah Badu vs Jill Scott on IG “As you grow you attract the frequency of who you are”-Erykah Badu


Saturday night, the neo soul artists faced off in a singing battle on Instagram. It was highly anticipated and attracted legends in the building such as FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, Usher, Adelle, Neicey Nash, Letoya Luckett, and other A list artists. Jill Scott showed up on time for the virtual concert, however Erykah was a bit late (per usual according to fans), not too bad though. She showed up a bit disguised, draped in long, red head gear with light tinted shades. Her background was a film of Bruce Lee fighting.

But hey, that’s Erykah for ya. While Jill was giving us eclectic neo soul vibes with her artwork as her backdrop, laced with candles. You could pretty much smell the incense burning. It was a whole vibe. And a perfect mothers day gift.

At the onset of the show, Jill Scott shared with Erykah and the viewers that she hadn’t been celebrating man made holidays anymore but she acknowledged it was mothers day and wished all the viewers a happy mothers day.  She said that she was glad to be home, she hadn’t been home this long in 20 years.


The concert was more of a cleansing vocal spa. They played songs, reminisced on how young and immature in the game they were. Erykah started the concert out with Jill’s first ever performance with The Roots. She shared how she was extremely nervous and had no clue what she really doing. She said she was nervous as heck. They bopped heads to the beat and reminisced.

Doesn’t sound like such a ‘battle’ right?  They connected and vibed so hard. It was lovely to see that connection being shared. Erykah cleared the air by telling everyone there is no beef between the two. Jill agreed and added, “People have pit us against each other from the beginning. There’s always been this stink in the air. But little do they know”.

Jill Scott to Erykah Badu “I’ve been to your show. I smell different when I leave”.

Much love to both of the artists. Thank you ladies for showing up. We are looking forward to more!

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