Policewoman Breaks Down After The Man She Was Handcuffing Spits in Her Eye

WE must really stay prayed up in times like these. Things are going to get worse before they get better.  Temisan Oritsejafor, a 41 year old male who was out on bail at the time for a previous assault on a police officer was arrested for assaulting a neighbor.  Police officer Annie Napier detained him after the neighborhood assault and as she was handcuffing him, he spit  in her eye.  She was later seen telling other officers, “He got me in my eye, I’m alright, I’m just worried about coronavirus” while they try to console her. Napier stated, “As frontline officers, we know that we put ourselves in potential danger, but we now face the added risk of Covid-19 infection which then also puts our families at risk”

She continues, “It’s a shock when someone spits in your face and very unpleasant, so I’m pleased the force and the courts take these assaults so seriously. PC Napier suffered no ill effects and remains on active duty. Oritsejafor, who suffers from schizophrenia and is bipolar, admitted common assault and two charges of common assault on emergency workers at Warwick Crown Court on Tuesday. The judge advised that he should expect a significant jail term at his future hearing. Superintendant Jenny Skyme, of West Midlands Police Department added, ‘It is vulgar and unacceptable to spit at anybody, but even more so a key worker who is putting themselves at risk to keep people safe and catch criminals”. “Our officers are bravely and repeatedly on the front line despite the understandale safety concerns across the country. This type of assault on our staff is deplorable and shouldn’t, and won’t be tolerated”.Meanwhile, a man who claimed he had coronavirus before he spat in the faces of two NHS nurses has just been sentenced to eights months in prison.screenshot_20200502-140556The 25 year old was arrested after he repeatedly punched and kicked his girlfriend’s 19 year old roomate at a flat in Bury St Edmunds. After becoming visibly beligerent, police had to restrain him with straps as he kicked out at police, telling officers that he had Covid-19 and threatening to spit at them.  Officers decided Fitts needed medical treatment for injuries to his hand and took him to the West Suffolk Hospital, according to the courts.  

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