Black Mother Reveals She Spent $3,300 On Clothes and Makeup Just To Deliver Her Baby

Emma Ford, 34, revealed she got all dolled up right before her Cesarean section delivery. And she spared no coin doing it, spending $3,300 on clothes and makeup to get all glammed up. Why, you ask? Just because. She claimed she simply wanted to feel sexy at the Alabama hospital where she delivered.

She wore false lashes, a ‘little black dress’ and four inch heels for the c-section. She carried her baby supplies in a MK bag. Emma said, “I love getting glammed up. I never go anywhere without makeup on and it was important to me-this time around- that I look and feel my best when having a baby. It’s such a special moment and I wanted it to be perfect.”

The Instagram influencer had her first born, Samuel, in November 2016- but after suffering some health issues due to the pregnancy, things took a turn for the worse. She would soon find out that pain was due to an ovarian torsion- a condition that occurs when one of the ovaries twists around the ligaments that keep it in place. She had to get it removed.


“After my last pregnancy and birth was so horrific, I just wanted to enjoy this one. I wanted to make it more fun and to feel great. 

A week after slaying and strutting in in her four inch heels while toting her seed, she posted the incredible moment she met her baby for the first time (pictured) on Instagram.
emma ford fam
Emma delivered her first born son Samuel (right), three years old, in November 2016. The family took a photo together enjoying this lavish spread to celebrate the arrival of their new addition.