Azriel Clary Claims R. Kelly Made Her Eat Feces Out Of A Cup And Videotaped It [WATCH]


The 22 year old ex girlfriend of R. Kelly [Azriel Clary] is ready to tell her shocking truth of the abuse she suffered at the hands of R. Kelly. And she’s spilling the gruesome deets in a documentary entitled, “Precedence”, according to The Source.

” He has a video of me, he made me do this video, actually, of me doing a number two in a cup, and then eating it, out of the cup”, Azriel says in the promo video clip below.

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The documentary will reveal claims made by alleged R. Kelly victims, including interviews with several celebrity entertainers.

R. Kelly is expected to face additional charges in regards to another accuser who recently came forward. The impending charge comes after federal agents seized Kelly’s Chicago storage unit where they recovered 100 electronic devices, including hard drives according Page Six.

In January Azriel Clary got into an altercation with R.Kelly’s girlfriend Jocelyn Savage. And fans were not pleased.

Azriel Clary Was Not Gonna Back Down From Sour Fans

The 23-year-old took to Twitter where she slammed anyone who had something negative to say.

‘It’s so sad how people don’t want to see you grow, be happy or chase your dreams. I had goals in 2015.. why is it a crime to get my life back on track? Maybe me chasing my dreams is a form of healing? Maybe that’s a form of knowing I could have always done it had I believed in myself. Regardless I’m not going to let my past define me, I’m picking up the pieces and creating a better future for myself. I’m turning a negative into a positive and anyone should be happy to see someone who was once in a dark spot blossom.’

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