Is Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart Engaged To Be Married?


It’s been heavily rumored lately that the 1990’s platinum certified rapper Shawntae Harris AKA Da Brat is engaged to Jesseca Dupart AKA @darealbbjudy, self made millionaire and Instagram influencer. Ever since The Kaleidoscope ( Miracle Drop) founder and CEO posted a picture on her Instagram of her new engagement, reactions went soaring. Rumors of their romance started late last year.

Scccrrtt…pump your brakes. Seems like some folks got really petty with the self made millionaire. One person says, “Those hands tho…only thing that is nice is the ring”.

Someone coments, “Need to throw them nails away that shit sad asf”


Another reacted, saying Congratulations but why you have to do everything so ghetto nail and the way you dress 😩😩😩your ass

Jessica Dupart AKA darealbbjudy says “@iamstacy _swift” HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR OWN PROFILE THO 👀👀👀👀LIKE YOUR PICS👀👀👀 glass house sis”

Some did, however come to her defense. Someone replied, “lol they stay coming for u please dnt reply to foolishness, I know it’s hard I wanna get they butt to, they hate they own life. So no other choice but to hate on the next!! Congrats🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Jesseca never mentioned anyone in the “I SAID YES” post. She left it very vague, which leaves fans to do some digging. Especially since she’s normally pretty open about her life with her fans. Then she pops up engaged with no names or receipts just the ring. Which is beautiful btw. As well as she….

Another fan stepped up to defend her saying, “@schae_bug How TF you are a motivational speaker, but you talking about her nails? Go do better love. You sad AF. Question: Did your man give you a ring or are you a February 15th chick? ( Side woman day)

The pair were recently spotted together in a family day parade in New Orleans on Sunday Feb 9. Da Brat was sitting on a float in background pics.

Da Brat has never been featured in any of her posts, however. Which is a bit weird, but rumors of their romance have been circulating for some time now. After putting two and two together, namely a popular vlogger, M.C. Shakie has spilled all the tea on the details of this secret romance.

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He posted a live video on his youtube platform, saying that he has some close sources to confirm that the two ladies are “extremely close”. He is questioning if this is the new power couple and if Da Brat is now confirming an alternative lifestyle.

Question is…..will she shave her hands for these folks??? Stay tuned.🤔