Vanessa Bryant:”I’m Mad My Gigi Isn’t Here, She Had So Much Life To Live”


**pass the tissues, seriously** Vanessa Bryant just opened up about her true feelings since her husband and daughter were fatally killed; along with seven others on a helicopter January 26, 2020. Bryant  says one of the things keeping her going so strong throughout this insanely difficult time is the example she  desires to set for her three daughters, left behind.

“My brain refuses to accept that both Kobe and Gigi are gone.”

Moreover, a memorial service for the NBA legend and his daughter was held on February 24 at Staples Center. Obviously, there were emotional moments shared at the service.

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Recently, the 39 year old mom took to her Instagram to celebrate her daughter Bianka on her 5th birthday. As she’s trying to move ahead with her life for the sake of her daughters, she was bombarded with lawsuits from her mom. Claiming her and Kobe promised to pay her mortgage. Vanessa Bryant went through a lot, but she’s strong. As she collects her peices and gathers her momentum to move forward as best she can. And that’s all anyone can do.


They’ve gone through so much, yet, good things are in store for them. And brighter days are ahead…as Beyonce offered Natalia Bryant a position in her campaign for Ivy Park. And she’s killin it.