Jay-Z Clarified Reason He and his Family Remained Seated At Super Bowl LIV During National Anthem


Sunday, Jay Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy attended Super Bowl LIV and were spotted sitting during Demi Lovato’s rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Well of course you know, folks. reacted by questioning Roc Nation producing ALL of the entertainment at Super Bowls as part of the contract. The deal includes Demi’s Anthem, Yolanda Adams singing “America the Beautiful” and the Haltfime Show with Shakira and J.Lo.

People reacted to Jay Z’s involvement with the NFL  and the fact that Colin Kaepernick didn’t have a job was hurtful and they felt betrayed. When Jay Z signed the NFL deal and was asked about Kaepernick he said “We’ve moved past kneeling”. ET Canada interviewed Killer Mike and he backed Jay Z, saying that we now ‘get a seat at the table’.


At the game Sunday, people accused Jay and his family of being shameful by a ‘silent protest’ and he sat during the National Athem. But he claims that isn’t the case at all. Check out the video of the game.

Tuesday, Uncle Jay was at Columbia University, and when a professor asked Jay if he remained seated to “convey a signal,” and Jay quickly replied,”It actually wasn’t. Sorry.”

Jay said there was no need for a “silent protest” as some accused the multi platinum artist, he said, “because we’re making the biggest loudest protest of all by selecting such a diverse group of artists to perform at the game.”

He said Beyonce told him she was thinking what Demi must have been going through in the seconds before starting the Anthem, since Beyonce has sang the National Anthem as well in the past.  He said they got to their seats and were laser focused on Demi’s performance, but from a business standpoint –“We immediately jumped into artist mode.”

He also said that his daughter, Blue Ivy couldn’t have possibly been in on the alleged protest, saying there’s no way an 8 year old could possibly play it cool especially on camera.

TMZ backed the Carters, noting that inside sources vouch that the Carter’s always stand for the Anthem at past games and sporting events.


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