Blue Ivy Is Following In Her Mama’s Footsteps, Winning Her 1st NAACP Award

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8 year old Blue Ivy is officially an award winning artist. The daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z won the outstanding duo/group prize for her contribution to “Brown Skin Girl”. Blue, who sings a few lines in the song, which also features Beyonce, Wizkid and Saint Jhn, also received a writing credit for the hitmaker. Everywhere you hear women all across the world singing it, asking it be played in the car, ringtones….the family all together sing along….”Brown Skin girl, your love is just like pearls, the best ting in de world, Never trade you for anybody else”. It’s the forever anthem of all brown skin girls worldwide.

Not to mention that Beyonce won six awards during the night at the NAACP Awards, including outstanding female artist and outstanding soundtrack/compilation album for The Lion King: The Gift, on which “Brown Skin Girl” is featured.

Her grandma, Mrs. Tina Knowles showed big love and support for her grand daughter.

Tyler Perry’s Nephew Found Dead In Jail Cell

Prayers up for Uncle Tee. His nephew was found dead in his jail cell Tuesday night. According to TMZ, Gavin had a fight with another inmate over the weekend and as a result placed in solitary confinement. TMZ reports that  Gavin was checked on  around 6pm and  appeared to be normal and fine. However, two hours later he was found dead, hung by bedsheets. Sources say family has been notified of lack of foul play in the death, but the Perry family is not falling for it.

TMZ reports that Gavin had landed himself in prison for shooting and killing his biological father back in 2016, in front of his mom, all erupting from an argument that ensued between Gavin and his dad. He pled no contest to manslaughter and was sentenced to 20 years.

Marsai Martin Is Epitome Of Bossbabe. She Racked Up Not One… But Three NAACP Awards.

Yaaaaasssss Queen!! Last year the teen actor became the youngest executive producer in Hollywood. Marsai won four awards at the NAACP dinner held in Hollywood, CA Friday night: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion picture, Outstanding Breakthrough Performance,  Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Performance by a Youth for ABC’s ‘Black-ish’.

“I feel honored. I feel accepted and I feel seen, Martin said. The shooting star founded a Los Angeles based production company at the age of 13, to  creates compelling stories for television. Martin has been mentioned by Time Magazine in the “Most Influential Teens of 2018” segment.

Born in Plano, Texas, Marsai began acting before she could talk. At the age of five, she landed her first national commercial appearing in a The Choice Hotel ad. In 2013, she relocated to Los Angeles, and in a little more than 100 days, secured a major national commercial campaign with Meineke. She’s been getting her coin ever since, being cast as the co-star in a number one network comedy on ABC, “Black-ish”, playing the character Diane Johnson.

Marsai recently performed in the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the Tony Award winning Musical “Dreamgirls” with the original stars (Sheryl Lee Ralph, Loretta Devine and Jennifer Holliday), singing the hit song “Move”. So the teen hitmaker is extremely busy being a boss. When asked what she wants to do when she grows up, her answer simply is, “To be a legend”.

#periodpooh (I said that).

Is Da Brat and Instagram Celeb Jesseca Dupart Engaged To Be Married? Jesseca Had Time For Some Haters In The Comment Section.

It’s been heavily rumored lately that the 1990’s platinum certified rapper Shawntae Harris AKA Da Brat is engaged to Jesseca Dupart AKA @darealbbjudy, self made millionaire and Instagram influencer. Ever since The Kaleidoscope ( Miracle Drop) founder and CEO posted a picture on her Instagram of her new engagement, reactions went soaring. Rumors of their romance started late last year.

Scccrrtt…pump your brakes. Seems like some folks got really petty with the self made millionaire. One person says, “Those hands tho…only thing that is nice is the ring”.

Someone coments, “Need to throw them nails away that shit sad asf”

Another reacted, saying Congratulations but why you have to do everything so ghetto nail and the way you dress 😩😩😩your ass

Jessica Dupart AKA darealbbjudy says “@iamstacy _swift” HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR OWN PROFILE THO 👀👀👀👀LIKE YOUR PICS👀👀👀 glass house sis”

Some did, however come to her defense. Someone replied, “lol they stay coming for u please dnt reply to foolishness, I know it’s hard I wanna get they butt to, they hate they own life. So no other choice but to hate on the next!! Congrats🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Jesseca never mentioned anyone in the “I SAID YES” post. She left it very vague, which leaves fans to do some digging. Especially since she’s normally pretty open about her life with her fans. Then she pops up engaged with no names or receipts just the ring. Which is beautiful btw. As well as she….

Another fan stepped up to defend her saying, “@schae_bug How TF you are a motivational speaker, but you talking about her nails? Go do better love. You sad AF. Question: Did your man give you a ring or are you a February 15th chick? ( Side woman day)

The pair were recently spotted together in a family day parade in New Orleans on Sunday Feb 9. Da Brat was sitting on a float in background pics.

Da Brat has never been featured in any of her posts, however. Which is a bit weird, but rumors of their romance have been circulating for some time now. After putting two and two together, namely a popular vlogger, M.C. Shakie has spilled all the tea on the details of this secret romance.

He posted a live video on his youtube platform, saying that he has some close sources to confirm that the two ladies are “extremely close”. He is questioning if this is the new power couple and if Da Brat is now confirming an alternative lifestyle.

Question is…..will she shave her hands for these folks??? Stay tuned.🤔

Vanessa Bryant says, “I’m mad that my Gigi isn’t here. She had so much life to live”.

**pass the tissues, seriously** Vanessa Bryant just opened up about her true feelings since her husband and daughter were fatally killed, along with seven others on a helicopter on January 26, 2020. Vanessa says one of the things keeping her going so strong throughout this insanely difficult time is the example she feels she needs to set for her three daughters, left behind.

“My brain refuses to accept that both Kobe and Gigi are gone.”

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I’ve been reluctant to put my feelings into words. My brain refuses to accept that both Kobe and Gigi are gone. I can’t process both at the same time. It’s like I’m trying to process Kobe being gone but my body refuses to accept my Gigi will never come back to me. It feels wrong. Why should I be able to wake up another day when my baby girl isn’t being able to have that opportunity?! I’m so mad. She had so much life to live. Then I realize I need to be strong and be here for my 3 daughters. Mad I’m not with Kobe and Gigi but thankful I’m here with Natalia, Bianka and Capri. I know what I’m feeling is normal. It’s part of the grieving process. I just wanted to share in case there’s anyone out there that’s experienced a loss like this. God I wish they were here and this nightmare would be over. Praying for all of the victims of this horrible tragedy. Please continue to pray for all.

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A memorial service for the NBA legend and his daughter is slated to be held on February 24 at Staples Center.

Miss Mo’Nique Had Some Words For Auntie Oprah Winfrey –Check Out Her Open Letter.

Whew Chillay!!! The beef between Mo’Nique and Ms. Oprah Winfrey has taken an interesting turn, to say the least. Mo’Nique took to Instagram Wednesday to file her grievances with Winfrey, calling her out for racism and not including all criminals in the same category.

She starts out, “Dear @oprah, I felt compelled to write you this open letter after observing the disparity in the way that you seem to treat people, who were accused of the same allegations, ” wrote Mo’Nique, attached to a picture she posted of herself and Oprah Winfrey during happier times.

Mo’Nique contiued with her letter stating, “You did an interview on the CBS Morning Show and were asked about Harvey Weinsten by Norah O’Donnell, and you said as it pertained to him that “you always try to look at the Rainbow in the clouds, whatever is the “Silver lining”.  You also said “if we make this all about Harvey Weinstein then we have lost the moment.” When you either are, or were going to be a part of  documentary on Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons, how is that not making it all about them? Interestingly, Brother M.J. was acquitted, and deceased, so how is he not off limits.”

Check out the clip below Mo’Nique is referencing., where Winfrey made her stan clear by featuring the MJ’s accusers who made appearances in  the HBO documentary, Finding Neverland,  on her  was a one hour special called After Neverland. The special featured her conducting intimate interiews with the acccusers (whom once said MJ never abused them) are now claiming that Michal Jackson did in fact sexually abusing them. When asked why the conflicting stories, they said they didn’t recognize it as abuse, since Michael was so nice and all.

Mo’Nique continues the tongue lashing to Miss Oprah, “Russell and Harvey are accused of the same thing so in fairness how do you not ‘support’ the accusers of both as you said you did with R.S. or you look for the silver lining for both like you said you did for H.W.? The only difference between the two is their skin color and doesn’t H.W. have way more accusers,” she wrote. “And how are you for Black women when you hear Tyler on audio saying I was right and he was going to speak up, but you or him still haven’t said a word?” Mo said.  She concluded by pleading with Winfrey to consider her perspective and declaring love for her.

“When I was sixteen and I met you at your local show in Baltimore, I told you I wanted to be just like you when I grew up. You responded, “You have to work really really hard.” My sixteen-year-old self didn’t know that you in your silence in the face of wrongdoing, would make my life harder. Lastly, please consider standing by the people who are right and not just the ‘right people'”.