Black Owned Board Game Influenced From Nostalgic TV Show ‘A Different World’


The family fun board game included quotes from the show. The players guess which season and episode the quote came from.

It’s nothing like some Sunday dinner family fun. Playing board games is a relaxing, fun activity that is almost enjoyed by family and friends. Giving you balls of laughs and hysterical Nostalgic memories.

Seems like this company has stumbled on some obstacles and is putting the game on hold until further orders come through. Check them out and help out as you see fit. We all need a push sometimes.

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Like, comment, tag, share and please pre-order. A new post with an episode clip will be posted with every preorder that comes in so let's do this! Link in bio! ❤️🖤💚🌍 LONG BUT IMPORTANT READ BELOW👇🏽 As an entrepreneur, especially a Black entrepreneur, it's important to know that asking for help when it's really needed is a strength rather than trying to act like everything is all gravy. Time to change that mindset with action. HILLMAN THE GAME needs to be introduced to the world as one of the first of its kind for good reason. This is what I created for a culture that's been told that they can't get it together and enjoy together. This is what I created to pay homage to an era that let Black culture know it's not only cool to be Black but it's necessary to learn about and celebrate being Black. This is what I created for people to sit at tables together and have a great time together creating new memories, again. This is what I created for more Black people to create their own stories and honor our own dopeness along with anyone sincerely honoring us beside us. I could go on for days about the mission of In All Series-Ness and if anyone would like to have a conversation or 7 about it, it would be my pleasure to speak with you. For now, pre-order funding is the best and most effective way to not only get the game produced and shipped, but to let the world know about the first of many games dedicated to the positive portrayal of our culture in new fun ways. I thank the SQUAD that has provided IAS with love, support and constant encouragement as well as the new HILLMAN Alums that are ready to help keep a Black woman-owned business kick in the door by giving us something else to believe in. Please continue to share and support. PRE-ORDER NOW AT #HILLMANTHEGAME #InAllSeriesNess #CultureWithoutQuestion #ADifferentWorld #BlackBoardGames #HillmanCollege #HBCU #80sBlackSitcoms #90sBlackSitcoms #DebbieAllenTheGOAT #BlackBoardGameDevelopHER #BlackBoardGameDeveloper #SupportBlackBusiness #BlackOwnedBusiness #BlackWomanOwnedBusiness #BlackGirlMagic #BlackHistoryInTheMaking #WeBuyBlack

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