First Black Girl To Play In Little League World Series

Her name is Mo’ne Davis. And she is FIE! Actually shes BEEN a bossbabe since she was a five year old little girl. She was a Little League Baseball pitcher, which made her ground breaking first African American female to ever play on the league whensbe started in 2014. Not only she did she playContinue reading “First Black Girl To Play In Little League World Series”

Ukrainian Plane Crashes In Iran, 176 People Dead

Seems like we just cant get away from the tumultuous events that have been taking place lately. As if 2020 hasn’t already hit us surprise deaths and killings…a Ukrainian airplane carrying 176 passengers and crew crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran’s airport on Tuesday morning. Everyone on board died, skidding into farmland turning intoContinue reading “Ukrainian Plane Crashes In Iran, 176 People Dead”