Another Black Woman For the Win At Ms. France 2020 Pageant


Her name is Guadeloupe Botino.

However, you know it’s always “a hater in the group”.

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According to reports, the French prosecutors got slammed with a filed complaint against them for racial comments posted on their social media.

Ever since Clemence Botino won the title on December 14, she’s been targeted with racial comments on Twitter, according to Council of Black Associations (CRAN); who has advocated for her justice and rights to not being harassed on social media due to the color of her skin. This ish needs to stop.


Why is it that black women are ones of the most powerful beings on the planet, yet it’s so hard for some of our counterparts to actually see it? Or maybe they see it and wish they possessed that same resilience. It’s a doggone shame that we can’t have nothin without folks trying to make us feel guilty for our wins and successes.

CRAN President also pointed out that, “There was no reaction from authorities or government. ” These comments must be sanctioned, they are totally unacceptable” CRAN President Ghyslain Vedeux said.

We Stan!