Shooting At Texas Church Leaves Two Parishioners Dead


On Sunday, a white male wearing a long, black wig and fake beard opened fire after walking into the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The gunman had prior run ins with the law but wasn’t being thoroughly watched. He came in looking extremely suspicious ASF as he kept adjusting his wig, according to NBC.

” We knew he was crazy but not like this”, said the killers ex wife in a reaction to the horrific crime Kinnunen committed.The church has fed the gunman a time or two before. “We’ve helped him on several occasions with food”, minister Britt Farmer told the Christian Chronicle. ” He gets mad when we don’t give him cash.He’s been here on multiple occasions”. During communion, Keith Thomas Kinnunen pulled out a modified, 12 gauge shotgun with a pistol grip and started shooting.

A still captured from the live stream shows the gunman, in black, producing a gun before opening fire.

He killed Deacon Anton “Tony” Wallace, 64, who was holding a silver communion tray, and Richard White,67, who yelled “Drop it”! as he reached for his own pistol.Parishioner Jack Wilson, a firearms instructor who heads the security team, then killed Kinnunen with one shot. ” I had people in front of me. I had to wait until they got out of my line of fire because I didn’t want to hit any of them”, he told CBS news.


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