Chrissy Lampkin Confirmed Why Her And Forever Long Fiance Will Be Just That- Fans Reacted


Quite honestly it’s not really ‘news’ that Chrissy and Jim won’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon.

Lampkin appeared on the daytime gossip talk show ‘ The Real’ on Monday to discuss her return on to LHHNY after nearly being gone from the show on a seven year hiatus.

” They kinda said they wanted to get back to the essence of the show,” said the Harlem born native…not neglecting to let it be known that ” LHHNY producers reached out first and asked her to return”.


When Jeannie Mai asked the 48 year old reality star said, ” …it isn’t a priority anymore”, shrugging her shoulders decisively.

“Our relationship is in a good place”, Lampkin continued. * I thought that marriage was the natural progression, but it’s not for everybody. We’re good right now”.

Well ish dun hit the fan because viewers had a lot to say about Lampkin’s demeanor toward her situation. Her remarks garnered an uproar from fans.

“Damn that’s her long long long long long long time boyfriend. At this point they never gonna get married. She proposed for nothing.”

” Longtime boyfriend oh hell no! Still not married an still no kids! Damn! I feel bad for her he wasted her time!”

” Chrissy come on! I don’t understand how it’s not a priority. Then just go to the court house!”

In 2016, Lampkin reiterated why she opted out of her fairy tale dream wedding, claiming, ” I don’t want to get married before either of us is really ready, then what’s the sense? That ends in divorce”,she told Billboard, when at that point Chrissy and Jim had been four years engaged.

Despite their past public played out woes they are slated to display the dynamics of their relationship within the show, set to air December 16 on VH1.