RHOATL Porsha Williams Threatens The Real’s Loni Love To ‘ Pull Up’

The two ladies who used to be friends are feuding over Fridays comments from Loni in regard to Porshas relationship.

In Friday on The Real the entire panel discussed Porsha and her on again off again relationship with her daughter’s father, Dennis.

Dennis was allegedly caught cheating on her and she reconciled with him.

The Real panel of women criticized Porshas decision to work things out with her man and forgive the alleged infidelity.

Loni, who is supposedly a friend of Porshas gave her two cents as well, but with a slightly different spin than everyone else on the panel. She told the audience and her peers, ” Porshas just trying to get a spin off reality show”.

Ooopps! Chile why did she say that?! Even though Porsha was offered a spin off show already last spring, Loni believe’s the couple are shooting for another.

Well Porsha didn’t take well to Loni’s suggestion and took to social media to which Loni responded by saying, “Porsha…I didn’t say anything bad and you know it….it was a light hearted comment…I hope you get your show!”

Here’s what Porsha had to say to Loni:


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