White Teen Girl Plotted A Murderous Attack On Bethel AME Church In ATL

Bethel AME Church was almost burnt to a crisp. But grateful for God’s timely breakthrough; a sixteen year old white girl was caught just in the nick of time and arrested. As most teens do, the girl had a diary and detailed the specifics of her plan to attack the church in her own diary; which was found by her classmates and turned in to authorities on November 15. Lil chucky, ahem… I mean the little girl, started to even a build a knife collection. **DEEP SIGH**


Additionally, prosecutors say two knives and a t-shirt that read “Free Dylann Storm Roof“; with swastikas drawn on the arms. Furthermore, there were other shirts found in the girls’ possessions. One said, “I’m not crazy I had to this”. And another read, “I do consider myself a white supremacist.”


Crazy part is, while the teen was being searched in the principals office; one of the school officer’s told her he didn’t think the t-shirts would be a criminal offense, since the writings are considred free speech.

Lil chucky, ahem… I mean the little girl, started to even a build a knife collection. **DEEP SIGH**

The Suspect Was Inspired By Dylann Roof

Rev. Bishop Reginald Jackson; presiding prelate of the Sixth Episcopal District of the AME Church; reported Tuesday that the girl was inspired by Dylan Roof. Roof was the boy convicted of killing nine black congregants of the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC four years ago in 2015; in an effort to start a race war. Sadly, Roof’s intention was to walk into the prayer service and kill everyone, after they extented kindness to the boy.

Bethel AME Church Is Not The Only Church This Has Happened To

Nonetheless, these crimes are reminiscent of hate crimes we’ve seen throughout history. Undoubtedly, our black churches have been pillars of hope within the community. According to reports, three Louisiana black churches were set on fire within a three week period. Seemingly due to racial hatred; or prejudice against particular religious groups seems to be the catalyst to these kinds of crimes.

So understandably, the bishop posed the question whether AME Churches were being targeted for their history of social justice support. He stated, “Idealizing him and sharing the same ideology; she plotted to accomplish the same at Bethel in Gainesville”.

Jackson continued, “This incident raises very serious issues and also raises questions that need to be answered”. In actuality, the bishop has a valid point.

Currently, the teen is in custody at a detention center where she was charged with criminal attempt to commit murder. She’s on probation and will remain in juvenile detention until the age of 21. Additionally, she is prohibited from coming close to the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Gainesville.


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