“Music Isn’t Just Something I Want To Do- I Need It”. Meet Jenara!


On November 11, Voyage ATL interviewed an elite in Atlanta. Her name is Jenara Lyle’s, known as ‘Jenara’. Her voice is piercing and melodic as she captures her audiences. Naturally, the DC born singer’s fans are mezmorized by her voice, and a growing clothing line Reckless + Artistic. Her clothing line customizes leather jackets with personal and intimate sayings, quotes and designs. Super dope!

In an interview,she shared with Voyage ATL magazine,(a blog and online magazine that targets Atlanta’s most hot and trending stories), that from constantly being punished as a kid, getting in trouble for this or that…then she secretly wrote music as an outlet and dramatized solo performances in her bedroom.

Jenara’s Background

In 2012, she moved to LA after receiving a 30 day notice to vacate her modern, chic apartment in downtown Silver Spring, MD. She booked a one way ticket, then decided to fly back home to Maryland, finally landing in Atlanta. Click the link to full interview.



Moreover, Jenara not only sings, but she also has a cosmetic line, check her out at @xopowerbeauty on Instagram, where she sells poppin lipsticks and other beauty products.

“When I lived in LA, there was a period where I was homeless. Sleeping in the airport mostly. Other times at random people’s houses or just stay up all night. I never told anyone. And if my friends or family would call, I’d just pretend everything was “okay”.

Hidden_agenda had an opportunity to interview ‘Jenara’, asking her how she felt when she got the email that Voyage ATL wanted to interview her, she said, “Did she mean to email me?” When they published it today, she said, ” I’m on cloud 9″.

“As an artist and as a brand, it’s important for me to exude confidence, sex appeal, spirituality, feminine power and art “, she told Voyage ATL. She continues, ” What sets me apart is that I am enigma….a rare combination of things“.

voyage atl

Finally, I asked Jenara what would she say to your fans and those who follow you, she said, ” Stay strong, pray a lot, and meet God halfway with their actions”.