T.I Daughter, Deyjah Was Offered $1 Million To Lose Her Virginity

T.I has been trending this week. This world we live in just never ceases to amaze us right? But did the ‘King of The South’ jam his foot in his mouth earlier this month on a podcast. He discussed his strict parenting, and the fact that he attends his daughters’ doctors appointment. He even went so far as to mention about his baby girls hymen. Hence, his daughter being associated with the Canadian website PornHub.

T. I and his daughter Deyjah

For about a week now, rumor mill has brewing that Deyjah Harris has been offered $1,000,000 to lose her virginity in a video that would be posted on the site. This source of simony would be blasphemous and according to Scoop Square 24, Corey Price, the VP of Pornhub issued a statement saying the rumors were not true. Price stated, “THERE IS COMPLETELY NO TRUTH OF THE MATTER TO THIS RUMOR WHATSOEVER. IT BEGAN AS A PHOTOSHOPPED MEME ON SOCIAL MEDIA, AND WE QUICKLY DENOUNCED IT ON TWITER, ALLOW ME TO BE VERT CLEAR IN EXPRESSING THIS HERE, AS EFFECTIVELY. PORNHUB HAS NOT, AND TOTALLY WILL NOT PROLONG ANY PRESENT OF ANY FORM.”


Umm.. yea I’m prety sure Mr. Price wouldn’t want that type of smoke on his hands. The A-town rapper is no stranger to fire arm charges. I’m sure he has no gripes about handling biz when it comes to his seeds. In 2001, he was arrested for gun posession. Then in 2002, he was busted for carrying a 10mm pistol, then again in 2004, when authorities found a silencer-enhanced weapon, loads of ammo and pics of himself holding various other firearms.

The Internet’s Reaction

But the internet gives zero phucks and has been dragging the grammy award winning artist for his remarks that are embarrassing his daughter. One person slammed the rapper, “Well look what you have did TI 🧐got her up for the highest bidder😩😭 smh”.

Another follower said, “I feel so bad for her this whole experience is so embarrassing”.

T.I was recently in Mexico celebrating Toya Wright and singer, Monica’s birthday, along with his wife, Tiny and some of their closest friends. Maybe T.I is reflecting and de-stressing during this whole


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