Naturi Naughton Is Dun Dun With Her Co-Worker 50Cent- Mortal Kombat Hairline Joke Was Her Last Straw


Naturi Naughton has had it with 50 Cent’s bad taste in joking. If you follow 50 Cent on his social media, you ‘ll know he shows no mercy when it comes to trolling folks. He publicly bashes his oldest son on social media frequently, so apparently no one is off limits to his rather course mouthpiece. That includes his co star family friend, Naturi Naughton who he constantly joans on her hair. Well….she had had enough when she clapped right back early Friday morning, telling him that she was holding back some insults of her own.

On Thursday, 50 Cent received backlash from fans after he compared Naughton to a character from Mortal Kombat on his Twitter page. This was the second time 50 Cent threw shade at the singer/actress-who plays the role of Tasha St. Patrick on 50’s hit show Power on STARZ-which came at a surprise, being as though he had just apologized for insulting her the first time. This time, Naughton responded with saying they were no longer family like she thought they were after working together for the last six years. “@50Cent did we have a fight and I not know about it?”she wrote on Twitter. “So confused.” #somuchforpowerfam #finalseason.

Naughton then posted the tweet to her Instagram saying, “There’s so much I wanna say but…You don’t even have an Instagram account so…why waste my characters or come out of my CHARACTER!”


Yup! 50 Cent’s Instagram account was suspended earlier this week, but clearly that did’nt stop him from hurling insults to innocent bystanders. Power is currently in its final season and aired a mid-season finale on Nov. 3 and will return in January 2020 for five more episodes to close out the series.