Kanye West Gives Surprise Concert for Harris County Jail Inmates


Kanye West is the G.O.A.T this week, spitting lyrics from inside the electrical wires on Friday with two secret performances at the Harris County Jail.

He was seen quietly unloading trucks of sound equipment at the San Jacinto Street lock up a little before noon. After kicking off with one performance for more than 200 men at the 701 San Jacinto building, West ducked down the underground tunnel and turned up in the main Baker Street jail to do a second show for a smaller crowd of women.

“This is a mission, not a show,” he told the jailhouse crowd repeatedly.


Men in orange suits turned up, hands in the air, boppin their heads as they looked on at Kanye and his dancers, wearing navy jail-like scrubs for the show. Looking down from the second tier, men pressed up against the glass as they listened to hits from his gospel-themed Jesus is King album, according to video released by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The concert comes two days before West is slated to speak at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, where he’ll have a morning conversation about faith followed by an evening performance with his choir. Though the Lakewood visit has been in the works for a little while now, the jailhouse concerts came together at the last minute; after West’s people reached out to Sheriff Ed Gonzalez on Wednesday to ask whether the county’s top cop was down for a secret show. The sheriff agreed, after denying the request intially. He eventually obliged, promising to keep it on the downlow and not tip off media in advance. Looks like everyone kept up their end of the bargain.

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