Planned Parenthood Read TI For Filth And Provided Receipts On His Awkard Parenting Logic And Tactics

The country rapper has everyone’s panties in a bunch ever since he admitted to going on annual visits with his 18 year old daughter to the gynecologist, claiming he is ensuring her hymen is still in tact.

During a recent episode of the Ladies Like Is podcast, the southern rapper revealed the lunch hurling lengths he goes to in order to confirm his daughter, Deyjah Harris is still a virgin…or so he thinks.


Not long after a collective sentiment of disgust echoes throughout the internet on Wednesday, Planned Parenthood chimed in on Twitter shortly after TI made the troubling statement. The family planning organization addressed the falsities surrounding hymens and the concept of virginity.

Doctors and nurses tell so-called ‘virginity tests’ violate women’s rights and are not based on any scientific evidence. They also said that hymens do not tear or stretch during a woman’s first time having sex. The medical community has slammed so-called ‘virginity tests’ as sham exams that violate women’s rights and do not have any scientific evidence to back them up.


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