Durham NC Mom Fed Up With Violence; Invented Bullet Proof Shields For Backpacks and Purses


This past week in North Carolina with 6 shootings in 2 days, has some parents shook and seeking ways to protect their children.

Well, this mom came and saved the day. A woman named Tanya Miller started her small business three years ago. ” It’s for backpacks, purses, diaper bags, says Miller.


“Most people wait until after it happens, that’s not gonna do you any good. So these people that are looking at this before something happens, they may be a little over the top, but at least they’re thinking before it happens,” Miller said. 


“I think all these shootings we’ve had since Monday, I think that’s alarming”,Miller said. “Everytime I text my kid, I’ll ask him where are you because you can  could be anywhere now”.

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