Harrison Barnes And Malik Jackson Will Pay Funeral Costs Of Atatiana Jefferson

A baseball and basketball pro athlete are both merging their efforts together to cover the entire cost of the funeral for the woman who was gunned down in her home last week in Texas.

The funeral is scheduled in Dallas for Saturday October 19.

Jefferson’s story really hits home for Barnes because he considered himself to be an integral part of the community after playing with the Mavericks for three seasons.

” It was a tragic situation that happened. No one should be killed during a wellness check”, Barnes said, adding that he hopes his contribution will help alleviate some of the stress Jeffersons tragic death has brought on her family.

Lee Merritt, the family attorney had some updates on Jefferson’s nephew who was there to witness his aunt being fatally shit and killed. ” His mom tells me that she can see little changes in his character. Now when entering a room, he’ll kind of wait and watch the adults go in first. He’ll wait to see if the coast is clear and then he’ll enter”.

Initially, Jefferson’s nephew, Zion was taken by Texas Child Protective Services after his aunt was killed. He hd been living with Jefferson temporarily while his mom recovered from open heart surgery.

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