Nivea Talks How She And Lauryn London Were Pregnant By Lil Wayne At The Same Time

Lil Wayne being Niveas first love, she had a hard time breaking loose. They began dating in early 2002 and by the end of the year they were engaged.

But by fall of 2003, their relationship hd crashed n burned.

Eventually, Nivea would marry The Dream in 2004, conceiving three children together during the time of their three year matrimony.

After they divorced in 2007, Nivea found herself back in the arms of her ex, Lil Wayne. They felt like it was true love but Nivea says it was not as she would later find out about her baby daddy’s betrayal. She said they spakrd things up when Wayne reached out to her apologizing for how things had turned out the first time.

According to Nivea, they got re engaged and became pregnant with their son. She says that on the day her pregnancy was confirmed she found out that Lauryn London was due with her fiance’s child just three months prior to her due date.

She even tried to accept the situation but at the end of the day just became too much. Check out the interview below.

Nivea had a few big hits, one was Laundromat with R. Kelly. Check it out.

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