Nivea Talks How She And Lauryn London Were Pregnant By Lil Wayne At The Same Time

Lil Wayne being Niveas first love, she had a hard time breaking loose. They began dating in early 2002 and by the end of the year they were engaged. But by fall of 2003, their relationship hd crashed n burned. Eventually, Nivea would marry The Dream in 2004, conceiving three children together during the time […]

Airbnb Is Renting Once In A Lifetime Barbie Dream House — Shoot Your Shot If You’re A Barbie Lover

Yup!! That’s right. Gas up the Pink Corvette to crash for a couple days at The Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse in Malibu, California. Is it every girls dream or nah? I’m sure we’ve all had one…or a million. It was definitely a time when parents were fighting each other at Christmas time in the department stores […]