Put Some Respeck on LisaRaye’s Name Next Time You See Her– Crowned Queen Mother of Ghana



Lisa Raye’s enstoolment ceremony was held on September 22, the day before the Player’s Club star’s birthday, where she celebrated at the Cicada Restaurant & Club in downtown in Los Angeles. Enstoolment is essentially an installation ceremony derived from 17th century African tradition, which started from the Ghana tribe of Ashanti. McCoy will govern Ghana’s Central Region.

The Chicago native was handpicked by the Paramount Chief of Agona Kwanyako, the Chiefs, and the entire Kyidom Traditional Divisional Councils. “This honor is beyond my wildest imagination,” she said. “I plan to do all that I can by using my platform to bring positive attention to this region. I will serve humbly”. The actress continued, “Ive had lots of accomplishments in my life, personally and professionally, but I didn’t get to this point alone. It’s taken a great team of people along the way. To have such an honor bestowed upon me by my own African people is a testament to my hard work and character. It’s like a dream coming true before my very eyes”, she said.


Lisa Raye’s royal position holds ton of weight over the local government and carries heavy social influence. However, we all know that Lisa Raye isn’t any kind of stranger to being a BOSS, she is the former First Lady of Turks and Caicos from a previous marriage. I think we can safely say, “She got this!”Speaking of marriage, it’s rumored she’s due to be a wife one more gain to her pastor friend and allegedly ‘fiance’, Preachers of LA cast member, Bishop Noel Jones.

Bishop Noel Jones preaches at the Holy Ghost headquarters in Philadelphia, December 2018. | Photo Holy Ghost Headquarters

The long lived bachelor pastor and his girlfriend of 16 years, Loretta were the highlight of the show. Bishop Jones told ABC News Radio back in 2014, that “Loretta has known from the start that they weren’t ever going to marry because he had just ended a marriage when they began their relationship”. It’s ironic that the pastor may be singing a different tune now in regard to marriage. Guess the pastor is seeing things from a different perspective. Too bad Ms. Loretta had to forfeit her walk down that sacred aisle with her long loveship to the Reverend.

According to an exclusive from The Jasmine Brand, LisaRaye has been seeing the Bishop now for quite some time. This past Sunday, Lisa Raye was spotted sitting in the pastors “special section” while visiting his church, City Of Refuge. It’s heresay that they’re planning to jump the broom soon. It’s also been reported that Lisa Raye is in hopes of a reality show on behalf of her new….well, maybe not so new boo, Pastor Jones, calling it Keeping Up With the Joneses.

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