First Black Owned Ice Cream Shop Near Howard University Is Poppin! Just Opened This Summer, in Washington, D.C.


Here’s The Scoop- newest ice cream shop in Columbia Heights in Washington, DC near Howard University is serving up more than just ice cream. The creative behind this enterprise is Karin Sellers, Hobart-raised and business minded, thanks to her Daddy.

She says the theme of the parlor is “Bringing The Community Together One Treat At A Time”, after announcing that she was awarded $50,000 in DMPED Great Street Grant funding in 2018, which played a major factor in the culture she wanted to convey inside her ice cream shop.

Sellers previously owned a hair salon and wanted to change career paths to empower more people around her.


Knowing how much we all love ice cream, her vision was to create an incubator for local talent while pairing a sweet treat to the mix.

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