Beyonce is Done Done With Wedding Planner in ‘Blue Ivy’ Legal Battle

Somebody gonna make Beyonce get real ugly! For a year now, she’s been being tried by a wedding planner who titled her enterprise ‘Blue Ivy’.


According to court documents, Beyonce and Valencia Morales have been involved in a dispute over the trademark of Blue Ivy.


Meanwhile, Beyonce attempted to get the trademark for her daughter’s name but Morales is claiming she’s already started using it.

What Happened

Furthermore, the formation Queen is accusing Morales of having ” exhibited a pattern and practice of affirmatively attempting to connect it’s brand with Blue Ivy Carter to increase it’s exposure and drum up business”.

Nonetheless, Bey also points to interviews Morales gave post Blue Ivy’ s birth. The interviews involved discussing the significant success of her business; and how it received additional attention. She further admitted to trying to network with Beyoncé’s agent; while having a sale on Blue Ivy’s birthday.


Regardless, Beyoncé denies Morales claim that she has no intention to use the trademark. She says, “Indeed, the circumstantial evidence, including Blue Ivy Carter’s fame, her interest in fashion and design, and her familial relationship with two of the most famous performers  in the world all support BGK’s intent to use the BLUE IVY CARTER trademark in connection with building a brand consistent with Blue Ivy Carter’s interest and skills.”

Beyonce also adds, “Blue Ivy Carter is a cultural icon who has been described as a “mini style star” and has been celebrated for her “fashion moments” over the years. Her life and activities are followed extensively by the media and the public.” Beyonce has even accused Morales of harassing her throughout the battle and even trying to intimidate her with document demands.

She states, “Following initiation of these proceedings, Opposer commenced a campaign of harassment against Applicant, serving burdensome discovery requests frequently targeted at unnecessary and personal information regarding Mrs. Carter”. She claims Morales requested her personal address and refused to keep the location and date of a deposition confidential.

Beyonce wants Morales business shut down and her trademark for “Blue Ivy Carter” approved. Periodt!


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