Young Dro Pled Guilty After Allegedly Punching His Girlfriend In The Face, Slicing Up Some Furniture and Throwing Banana Pudding In Her Face


Getty/Prince Williams

Back in July, Atlanta rapper Young Dro found himself in some hot ish after being arrested for reportedly throwing a plate of banana pudding in his girlfriends face during an argument.  The couple was allegedly having a heated argument surrounding finances when the incident happened.

Police were called to the scene and placed Young Dro under arrest as he is now facing two counts of misdemeanor battery/family violence. His girlfriend stated that she didn’t want to press charges, however more information has surfaced.


TMZ reports that Young Dro’s girlfriend told police that her boyfriend had gotten violent with her prior to the banana pudding incident. She told them that when the argument ensued in their bedroom that Dro punched her in the face and ultimately her face was bruised.  Shortly after, she was eating banana pudding and he came and smashed in her face. He reportedly proceeded to grab a knife from the kitchen and sliced up the living room furniture.

Dro denies the allegations and when questioned about the bruise on his girlfriend’s face, he claims its a birth mark. His girlfriend alleges that Young Dro is on a drugs a lot and when he comes down from his high, he can be very violent with her. The drugs she listed were Xanax, ecstasy, Albuterol and Percocet.

More recently, TMZ reported that Young Dro pled guilty last week to 1 count of battery/family violence. He was immediately sentenced to 12 months behind bars, but was only ordered to serve 70 days. He also received credit for 20 days already served. According to Fulton County Court, he’ll also receive an extra day of credit for each day served on good behavior. Officials say he could be released as early as Oct. 5.

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