Nipsey Hussle’s Net Worth Revealed As Fans Celebrate His 34th Birthday


This month, adored rapper Nipsey Hussle would have celebrated his 34th birthday. The Los Angeles native, formally known as Ermias Davidson Asgedom, tragically lost his life on March 31,2019, after being shot multiple times in the parking lot of his store. The Marathon Clothing Store on Slausson Avenue. Nipsey’s surprising passing led to an out pour of love and support on social media from celebrities and fans alike.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, at this time of his death, Nipsey was worth an estimated $8 million. Although the star was known for his impeccable discography, Nipsey had quite the business acumen. The site claims a bulk of his wealth came from short term investments and assets such as cash and stocks as well as liquid assets such as trusts.


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