Solange and Destiny’s Child Sang Proud Family Theme Song- Here’s Why Everybody Is Tickled Pink


The Proud Family’s main character, Penny Proud (voiced by Kyla Pratt), often found herself successfully navigating through the usual experiences of growing up- thanks largely to her fiesty personality and the outlandish antics of her family and friends. The Proud Family always brought little girls to the living room couch on saturday mornings. Young black girls had someone to relate to, the practical, no-nonsense, loving father…. mom was always on Penny’s tail about something! LOL

We could all relate to the family makeup and the everyday occurrences that took place in Penny’s life.

Tommy Davidson, a voice over on the cartoon family sitcom, recently revealed that the series will stream on Disney+ with all new episodes.


Talk about crankage! Did you know Solange and Destiny’s Child sang the intro to The Proud Family? It’s okay if you didn’t, most fans are just realizing it, long after the show ended. Hardly anyone knew!! LOL It’s a head bopper tho. Always was and always will be.

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