Jeffrey Epstein, Alleged Child Predator Committed Suicide in Jail


A body, believed to be wealthy financer, Jeffrey Epstein was loaded into a forensic vehicle Saturday morning after he was found unresponsive in his cell Saturday morning.

TMZ reports that Epstein was taken off Suicide watch after he met with medical professionals who evaluated him after his first alleged suicide attempt.

He had been awaiting charges on sex trafficking.


A woman who accused Jeffrey of raping her at the age of 15 says that his death shouldn’t hinder authorities from fully prosecuting his personal network that facilitated his alleged cycle of sexual abuse.

Stephanie Keith/ Getty Images

Epstein’s July 6 arrest was based on new charges that alleged Epstein ran a sex trafficking ring involving girls as young as 14, systematically molesting dozens of minors by paying them for “massages” that rapidly turned into sexual abuse.

Since the arrest, unsealed documents related to the investigation and Epstein’s charges uncovered how the money guru’s employees were involved in assisting him in his sick, twisted schemes.

US District Judge Richard Berman announced in court on July 18 that he decided against Epstein’s bail request because he posted a flight risk as well as a public safety risk, and that there was a potential risk of obstruction of justice.

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