Award Winning Author, Erica Pullen Releases a New Book to Empower Children


With all the hatred and racism going on in the world we need more Erica’s around thinking about our children’s esteem and confidence. Especially our black boys who are growing up in a world where just by driving down the road could lead to their ultimate fate of pulled over by the wrong cop.

Erica Pullen had all of this in mind when she created her newest page turner, entitled I Am America’s Most Wanted. Coupled with vibrant illustrations and pictures that send to come alive with each page, Erica hopes to inspire children in the most positive and powerful ways.


Erica has been featured in numerous publications including VEU Magazine ( Atlanta GA) and Pittsburgh Tribune Review ( Pittsburgh PA). She was the former Chief of Staff for the Maryland Dept of Social Services and has obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Carlow University and Master’s degree from University of Phoenix. Go head Miss!

Her books are sold on Amazon for $12.95. Go check it out for your little ones. #supportblackowned.


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