Issa Rae Threw Another Litty Yacht Party

Issa Rae Throws Epic Yact Party

The turn up was real this weekend with Issa Rae and some of her attendees such as the likes of Gabrielle Union, Yvonne Orji, Keith Powers, Amanda Seales, and many of the best black Hollywood elite who had a super litty time on #YachtSh**.

You can tell, even on her star studded tv series, Insecure, that Issa throws the most epic, classy affairs. All with fancy finger foods, trap music with the jazz background and beautiful lit embience.

But the highlight was when Miguel jumped on the mic to sing his song ‘Adorn’. “He was eating and heard his song come on… ran up to sing it,” Seales said in her Instagram story.

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What Is Going On With Issa Rae

Recently, the former YouTuber was a Satellite Award Winner for Best Actress in a Series. Go and check out the red carpet interview with Hollywood Reporter as she talks about the reason she decided to #YachtSh** for the past two years; this year making it her third. The tv prodcer also reveals her #hiddenagenda to girl power and life motto. The Insecure producer and star reflects on being that young girl; and who she admired, and how she learned to embrace who she was.

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