Kim Kardashian West came to DC Jail this week


The D.C. Dept of Corrections confirmed rumors of Kim Kardashian paying a visit on Tuesday to D.C. Correctional Facility. Why was she there, you ask?

And you may actually recognize one of the inmates she met from the 1998’s film SLAM; Monolou Stewart, who was a real-life inmate awaiting trial on charges of first-degree murder–appeared in a scene with Ray (Saul Williams), who had just been placed in his cell. The two engage in a powerful freestyle rap.

Kim Kardashian visited the Young Men Emerging unit, and was there as part of a documentary being filmed for Oxygen network.  The documentary is about her most recent activism  for criminal reform and justice issues.  The YME unit is a new initiative within the D.C. Jail that works to rehabilitate 18-25 year old offenders.

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