Beyonce and Blue Ivy in ‘Spirit’ video- Twitter Is Convinced Blue Ivy Is The Real Star


Chiiilllleee…..yall know Blue Ivy is following right in her mothers footsteps and let me just tell you, WE ARE HERE FOR EVERY BIT OF IT. I love how Beyonce ‘leaves no one behind’ , including her very own seed. Can you imagine being Beyonce’s daughter, lol?? Okay, let’s get out of dreamy land for a sec and let’s talk about the reality that is this very much anticipated sound track to the Lion King.

  • Bey curated the entire ‘The Lion King’s‘ soundtrack.
  • ‘Spirit’ is the first single from the album.

In the video, Blue Ivy is twinning her mom, again, in a pink dress, with ground laying ruffles at the bottom. Simply gorgeous.

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