Fifty Cent Boycotting Cosmopolitan Hotel For His Man’s n Em- T.I. Joins In

Fifty Cent took to his Instagram Tuesday evening to speak his peice on his homies effed up situation. When Meek Mill was refused service and threatened with an on site arrest, people were infuriated.


Here we go again…being ostricized and ridiculed simply because of the color of our skin is becoming more and more ubiquitous. If you saw the video, the hotel staff seemed very adamant and knowledgeable of the ramifications they were trying to enforce. Now they wanna apologize 😔


And Fifty Cent was just one person who says he will jot patronize the hotel until the situation was resolved.

One follower responded with, “Cosmo better pay up!!”.

T.I. responded with “Never wanted to stay there but me neither”. Someone else said, “Plot twist: the Cosmo owes fifty too😮”.

Another follower said, “This rich nigga problems”.

Both Fiddy and T.I. we’re just a few of the people who are willing ditch The Cosmopolitan hotel. It’s about time we stand up and stop falling for the okey doke. Stay strong Meek Mill. *strong fist bump*

However, the hotel did end up apologizing to the rapper, saying they were ‘simply wrong.’

As a consequence, many other rappers came out and said that they supported him, one of them being 50 Cent, who said he would refuse to go there if they didn’t fix the predicament.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel’s management put out a statement on Tuesday in which they said that he wasn’t let in because of an issue with security, rather than because he was black as Meek Mill suggested. Furthermore, Meek Mill’s lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, claims the hotel’s story of Meek being at an overcapacity party was not true.


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