TI in my hood on Capitol Hill Wednesday Conversing with other Greats to Make a Better Community and Broader Opportunities for Gentrified Neighborhoods

screenshot_20190524-1601438901095025193218238.pngTI and Charlamagne tha God attended a Congressional Black Caucus event on Wednesday in regard to “opportunity zones, ” an initiative created in the tax overhaul bill last year that encourages investment in low income areas. Senator Tim Scott (R-S-C) hosted the forum, which brought together investors from the media, music and real estate industries according to inside sources.

Also participating was David Gross (rapper Nipsey Hussle’s business partner who came in Hussle’s stead after the rapper was fatally shot in March) and Los Angeles council member Marqueece Harris-Dawson. Charlamagne took to his Instagram account, a South Carolina native and radio host, said, ” Spent my day with a few good men, discussing quite a few good things”.


LeBron Collaborates with Black Female Designers in Update of Nike’s First Women’s Basketball Sneaker

Three notable black female designers joining James and Nike to create their own shoe. The HFR x Nike Lebron 16 sneaker was released May 10 and sold out within 24 hours. NBA All Star, LeBron James teamed up with designers Fe Noel, Undra Celeste, and Kimberly Goldson to remix the HFR x Nike LeBron 16 sneaker that was highly popular when it debuted the first time. So it’s only natural that part 2 of the sneaker would be highly anticipated. And now that time has finally come for sneaker heads and those alike.


This latest design is executed in an eye catching yellow Battle knit 2.0 upper that draws inspiration from each of the designers colorful backgrounds. The bright new color way is intended to reflect “boldness, courage, and vibrancy,” according to Harlem’s Fashion Row CEO and founder Brandice Daniel.

As Kimberly Goldson told The Glow Up last year, the collaborative effort was inspired by James’ mom, making the pre-Mother’s Day timing of the second edition especially appropriate. “We each had something that connected the four of us based on what LeBron saw from his mom, and the sacrifices she made for him,” Goldson told Nike. “My mom did it. LeBron’s mom did the same for him. The connectivity was there between all of us.”

All three designers have  recently joined Daniel and the Nike Los Angeles team to unveil the shoe to ten college students aspiring to the fashion industry. During a mentoring session, the students tried their own hands at reimagining the HFR x LeBron 16. LeBron is always looking out for the culture.

Jennifer Hudson took us behind the scenes of the Jeffersons Revial and it was worth the wait


The show began with Jennifer Hudson belting out in her strong Alto voice, the Jeffersons opening theme song, ‘Movin On Up’. When you heard that, you pretty much knew the production would be powerful. “Movin’ On Up” was originally made famous by Ja’net DuBois. Although DuBois never appeared on “The Jeffersons,” she was a regular on “Good Times,” another one of Norman Lear’s classics.

The live taping starred the infamous Jamie Foxx, who blundered one of his lines, but recovered himself hilariously. He wasn’t the only A list celeb featured, the live show included icons such as Black Ish’s Anthony Anderson, Wanda Sykes, Jackee Harry and a surprise appearance from original Jefferson’s cast member, Marla Gibbs.


RiRi Dun Moved to the UK and Ain’t Tell Us!

Chile!! A boss bish makes moves on the hush hush. Well I’ll be damned! Rihanna revealed to Time Magazine in a candid interview on Monday that she’s been living in London. She revealed that she made such a move to be closer to her Fenty team who works out of Paris.

The news wasn’t such a huge shock to eagle eye fans who spotted a shopping bag from a British grocery store called Stainsburys in the background of one her recent Twitter photos. ( Pictured above).

She told Times Magazine that one of the things she loved about loving in the UK is that can walk around freely, without being noticed. Picture that! Riiigghttt??? How sway??

But anyhooo, after this shock passed the waves, fans are still wondering when her new album will drop.

Here’s what some fans had to say in response to the jawdropping news:

Of course her British fans went crazy tho when they spotted the British shopping bag in her flick.

Another fan commented,

Rihanna has found success not only in the United States but now overseas. She’s a relentless force that continues to move forward and slay her goals. Werk werk werk werk sis! You’re a phuckin beast. Keep inspiring us and we can’t wait until that new music come thru. You always pull us through and come out with the hottest beat and bomb lyrics to keep women reminded of just how powerful we are. God bless the Savage queen. Fenty that is. Be blessed Sleighbells.  XOXOXO