Black Boy Joy in Full Effect. An 11 yr old Launches Clothing Line to make lemonade from the lemons


Being a kid these days can sometime seem impossible, with the horrible stories you constantly hear about bullying. Kids are being shot at school, raped, and burned even by their own relatives. So it’s always a breath of fresh air to hear of positive movements from our youth.

When William Inlaw ( handsome lil fella pictured below) saw first hand how awful bullying was when he watched his sister’s get bullied in school everyday; he decided to turn his pain into power by making a vow to encourage victims of bullying to impact in the world by living their best lives. He channeled this energy into a self made clothing line, called Walni.

11 yr old William Inlaw turned his lemons into lemonade by creating an aspirational, anti- bullying, clothing brand that represents power. “It hurt me to see my sisters go through so much pain”, says the young entrepreneur.

Walni has curated colorful baseball caps in a variety of statement colors that represent positive affirmations; to reinforce the go-getters of the world. When you wear Walni; you are walking in strength and power; everything the brand represents. The variety of colors are : yellow/intelligence, red/strength, blue/confidence, black/powerful, orange/determination and green/ambition.

You can purchase your baseball cap here for $85.00. A portion of the proceeds for each purchase goes toward Lock Arms and Link Dreams; a non-profit that supports children with learning disabilities.  Walni also offers a “Winner Membership”, which serves as a positive community for customers to remain inspired through inspirational messages, games and events. The brand has even earned a spot in the 61st Annual Grammy Awards Gift Bag. Walni represents the new ivy league of ‘cool’, ready to take overcome all obstacles and become winners.


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