Ciara Shares Prayer She Prayed to Get Her Fairy Tale Hubby Check out the interview with Angie Martinez

What if you knew the man of your dreams would never come unless you learned to truly love yourself first? What if you knew you had to pray for years for your man to show up, and not only pray for him, but to also pray for yourself, that you would know how to receive that love that was meant for you?

Well, the universe has funny ways of teaching us things. And God just might require you to dig a little deeper into your prayer closet to find the treasures you’ve been asking Him about. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?  Loving yourself may sound cliche’, however, when you really commit to the journey and throw yourself all in, it truly is the best thing ever.  Because that’s all you really want. You really want to be ok with you, to love that girl staring back at you in the mirror, unconditionally. Recently, the pop princess had women at the edge of their seats, wondering what she said to the Divine Creator to bring her such a prince after kissing many a frog.

Since Ciara married her dream guy in 2012, Russell Wilson, women all over the globe have been asking CiCi what her secret was. Check out the video to see what her response was.

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