Lady Gaga Changed Clothes 4 Times Before Walking Into Met Gala 2019


As a co host of Met Gala you already expect Lady Gaga would be a little extra. But this year; she took her fashion statements beyond the imagination of onlookers last night; at the one of the biggest fashion events ever.

Lady Gaga graciously strolled into the venue wearing a highly voluminous hot pink Brandon Maxwell gown; with a train that went on forever. Must have been about 10 feet long if I had to guesstimate. She had suited showmen twirling around her, whirling umbrellas in the air as props.Next thing you know, Maxwell unzips the gown to reveal a black ballgown underneath.Then she slipped off her LBD to unveil a Barbie pink column gown, a Tiffany & Co. butterfly necklace and bumper shades, which masked the exaggerated gold eyelashes she had been fluttering at the cameras.

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